Frequently Asked Questions

FitThree is a new service in Singapore that provides convenient healthy meals for the week. Simply order on our website and pick up your meals at selected gyms. You can order meals for 3 days or 5 days, at your convenience.

Our philosophy is that you need to fuel your body with the right nutrients to reach your goal, be it gaining muscles or losing fat. So we decided to bring you that in the most convenient way we could think about.

As gym-junkies ourselves, we know how important it is to supply your body with quality food. Our meals are designed to fit the needs of what we call “active people”, basically people who regularly exercise and need to control what goes inside their body.

Each of the meal will be around 500 grams with 150-200g of meat/fish to fuel your body with a quality source of protein. With us you will never feel disappointed with the size of a meal.

On top of that, all our meals are controlled by a certified dietician who will make sure it carries all the nutrients your body needs.

Of course! Even if we primarily design our meal for active people, everybody will benefit from eating healthy meals. Simply order online and select the gym of your choice as a drop-off location. You don’t need to be a member of the gym to pick-up your meals there.

We deliver Mondays and Thursdays. If you get a 3-day plan, your meals will arrive Monday. If you get a 5-day meal plan, you’ll receive two deliveries, Monday and Thursday.

Pickup hours are whenever the gym you’re picking up from (reminder, membership is not a requirement) is open for business, which is typically early morning from late night. Location hours can vary week by week, especially during holidays, so please check the location’s schedule (links on our locations page) and Facebook page before you head out and time your pick up accordingly.

We ask that you place orders by midnight Thursday the week before you want to receive meals. So orders in by Thursday arrive the following Monday. Orders placed after the Thursday deadline will be delivered the week after the following week.

We would be more than happy to brag about our own cooking skills, however we kind of suck. That’s why we decided to work with talented chefs who will come up with tasty recipes. Altogether, the FitThree team will bring you tasty and healthy meals.

We’re building a great team of talented local chefs to bring you the most variety and taste in the simplest experience possible. Meet the crew of artisans on board.

As we are the very young startup, we need to keep things simple at the beginning so the weekly menu is fixed. However, if you can’t eat an ingredient for any reason, just let us know and we will switch the meal with another one.

Later on you will be able to choose your meals for the week.

We can’t tell you that you will lose weight for sure. Losing weight depends on many factors like exercising or nutrition. However we can assure you that our meals will fuel your body with quality proteins, carbohydrates and fats to reach your goal. Each meal will carry a significant amount of protein from quality cuts of beef/chicken or fish along with low GI carbs and healthy fats.